In (about) 2004, I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with this dude - obviously he was not a monk at that time. I have learned a lot about Buddhism and other things since he ordained 3 years ago, and yet I can't even tell you the extent to which I don't know anything at all. Seriously - this is not me being philosophical, I truly am ignorant on the topic. (Although language barriers may account for part of that.)
Anyhow, he recently started a blog and an accompanying facebook page in order to share and discuss ideas, thoughts, philosophy, and other wonderings. You should for sure check it out, because it's rather interesting and also makes your (well, mine, anyway) brain work.


Here is a video clip of Phra Seth teaching. (The sound is pretty wonky, but's it's a very cool video anyhow; a 2-minute peek into a world we (the masses) wouldn't normally get to see.

*I don't know if this is actually an intentional reference or not - the meeting of the ents is what I think of.

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