Sunday Confessions August 13, 2017

I Confess: I'm still not 100% happy with my Sunday Confessions buttons. Some are ok, but I haven't made one that I LOVE and want to use just all the time. *Sigh.* 

I Confess: I've been super-excessively-tired lately, and therefore sleeping a lot more than normal. 

I Confess: I've been having trouble focusing on reading. I start a book and then just lose interest. Maybe I need better reading material? 

I Confess: So I'm going to this meeting for work on Wednesday, and the attire is "business casual." So I had to buy a shirt specifically for this meeting so I could be "business casual." Because jeans and a Star Wars T-shirt somehow doesn't do it. This says something about my wardrobe. 


  1. Business casual is like some evil dumb thing someone made up. What is that? I was super exhausted today for no good reason. Well I stay up too late that is the reason lol but still. My body is like "Woman you're old, go to bed at 9 like the grandma you are!". Hope you get some chill out/refresher time soon.

  2. I went shopping with a friend and I was looking for business casual stuff for work and she kept pointing out jeans and I was like, erm, that's not business casual. She was like, but it's the casual part! Lols.

    I have been tired lately, I need some cooler weather so I can take some real naps where I don't wake up all dehydrated. It's really hot upstairs.


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