Thursday, January 12

Generation Gap

I needed a new discman. (I shouldn't have to include a link to explain the definition of discman, but apparently that's now become necessary for some.)  I had a Target gift card from Christmas and figured I would put it to good use and get the new player with that.  Yay, me.
So I'm browsing in electronics when a kid who, for all intent and purpose, is still in puberty - says to me "Are you finding everything okay, Ma'am?"

Oh hell, no.  I am not a "ma'am."  When I pop out a few kids, that's right you better be calling me "Ma'am," but until then, if you need to address me, you can do so as "Miss," as in, "Can I help you, Miss?"
Got it?
(There are a few times when it's appropriate to address a woman as "ma'am."  For instance, is she shopping with multiple children and isn't a teen mom?  Go ahead.  Is she with her husband?  Is she with her adult children and/or grandchildren?  Carry on!  But basically, the rule is this: a woman by herself - err on the side of caution and just address her as "Miss.")
And of course he said it in one of those voices.  You know the voice - the voice you use when you take pity on someone elderly who clearly has no idea what the hell is going on.
I'm only 31 for crying out loud.

But gets better.

So I said to the kid (who was probably 16 or 17 and therefore to him I am the Crypt Keeper, except he's too young to know who the Crypt Keeper is....) "I just need to get a new discman."
Enter the furrowed brow and puzzled look.
"Um, what is that?"
......Blank stare......
"Is that like a walking cd player?"
Oh Lord.
"Yes, that's exactly it."
"Oh, good.  Yeah.  I think we might have one of those over here....."

So after I grabbed my clunker from the stone age when music still had to be played on a disc (what is this inew ifangled iwitchery everyone keeps talking about?  It'll never catch on, I tell ya!) and dragged my ancient ass out of there to apparently go draw on the walls of my cave.

Yes, there comes a time when you realize that society considers you old.  Well, I've definitely hit the mark.  Ladies and gentlemen, apparently I am now officially O.L.D.

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  1. This made me laugh and again, I feel the same! I get called ma'am all the time (though I have kids, but STILL, I am not OLD!) and Pete got me a CD for Christmas. You are not alone! :)


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