Tuesday, January 10

Yup, Another List - Favorite Villains


Again, no real order and if you don't agree, make your own list.
Here they are:

1.) Darth Vader:

I love the badass Lord Vader.  Not that whiney pissant Anakin from Episode II & III.  Oy.

2.) Bellatrix Lestrange:

Bitch be crazy.  She's awesomely evil.

3.) The Joker:

Oh, he's totally fucking nuts.

4.) Michael Myers:
No one has better theme music.  A total nutcase with one mission: Kill Lori Strode and everyone who happens to cross his path in the meantime.

5.) The Gremlins:
They're wicked, they're murderous, they have a sense of fun.
 < I found this pic of a toy here.>

6.) Wicked Witch of the West:

Even as a kid, I always thought she was way cooler than puffed-up pink freak, Glinda.  More interesting, for sure.

7.) Chucky:

One evil little fucker who beared a creepy resemblance to the My Buddy dolls that were popular during the same time period.  This movie still scares me.

8.) Voldemort:
Dude, do I have to explain it?

9.) Anton Chigurh:
Seriously?  He was the reason to watch the movie and if you're not afraid of that maniac, what the fuck are you afraid of?

10.) Spike & Drusilla: 

He's a bad-boy, she's a total nutjob.  Together they're great, alone, each is awesome in their own right.

11.) Dr. Evil:
Drevil million dollars.jpg
Yes, he's inept.  But let's all be honest here: no one watches Austin Powers for Austin Powers, do they?  No.

12.) The Borg: 

Let me say one thing about these fucks - NO ONE is scarier than The Collective.  NO ONE.

~All pics are from wikipedia unless otherwise noted.  

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