Tuesday, June 26

Some Kind of Stir Fry

So lately I've been experimenting with some vegetarian recipes.  This is the most recent one:

Here's what I did:
1.) Put your frying pan on medium heat, add a bit of extra virgin olive oil, get that baby rolling.

2..) I used some veggie "sausages" and sliced them up, threw those in.  (I used the brand pictured below for my first experiment.  They were good and I will use them again, but I'd also like to experiment with other faux bratwurst/sausage stuff if anyone knows of some good ones)

3.) I chopped up some asparagus spears into about 1" pieces and threw those in the pan.  (This is also when I remembered to start taking pictures, which is why the package above is already empty.)

4.) Toss in a bit of: (to taste.)

And a little bit of: (again, to taste.)  I used about 1 Tbsp. of lemon juice and about 1/2 Tbsp. of fire oil

5.) Next, add the rest of your veggies.  I added some sweet onion, red and orange bell pepper.  It looked like this:

Generally just keep the lid on as you chop up your veggies and stir the thing regularly.  From start to finish, the whole thing was maybe 20 minutes.  The actual work was about ten and the second ten was just letting it cook up under the lid and giving it a few stirs.  It'll make enough for 2-3 people, depending on appetites.

The result:
Shawn and I were both pleased with this experimental meal.  The faux sausages had a pleasant flavor, and I do not regret using them in this recipe, however they have enough Italian seasoning that they would be better suited to an actual Italian dish.  Also?  These little fuckers are FILLING.  I ate about half of what I normally would - maybe less? - of a meat-based stir-fry and I was delightfully full.  
Finally: the combination of the Mongolian fire oil and the lemon juice give this dish plenty of flavor and just a bit of heat.  You won't really need additional spices unless you really want them.  

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  1. That looks really good! I'm a vegetarian, too, but have yet to try any of the fake meats, but might after your endorsement. =)


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