Saturday, July 21

A Little Bit of Stupid and A Lot of Awesome

So Shawn and I went to the beach on Wednesday.
And we had a blast.  It was fun, romantic, peaceful - it was like an entire vacation in a day.

I managed to get sun poisoning.  Yay!  It's not too bad; it could be a lot worse.  I was only nauseous for the first night and as days pass, I feel less and less like my skin is being seared with the bottom of a hot frying pan.  Oh, my skin still feels hot, but at least I don't have the chills anymore.  I was lucky to only get one blister (one is enough) - but it is on the back of my knee.  Yeow.  Yes, yes it does hurt like a mofo, thank you.

The funny part is that I'm very preachy about using sunscreen.  Re-usable bags, not wasting water, and frickin' sunscreen are like, my three top preachy things.  And except for my legs, I USED sunscreen - everywhere.  And yet, here I am, three days later, still the color of a tomato, still feeling raw and tender.  (Not as bad, but still pretty painful.)  I blame this on the fact that we were out during peak hours - from 11 to 3.  D'oh!
Anyhoo . . .

We've been treating this with a rigorous routine of aloe, fluids, tepid showers, Tylenol, and nudity. That's right.  I'm coming out and admitting it: I haven't put clothes on since Wednesday night. (Honestly, you wouldn't either if your skin looked and felt like someone rubbed a hot chili pepper all over you. . .and I'm not talking about Anthony Kiedis.)  The vast majority of my time is spent in bed right now, because the sheets are cool and smooth.  So I've been wasting a lot of time laying around watching movies on the computer.  I'm not proud of it, but right now it's just me and Shawn and I have the luxury of not putting clothes on.  So there.

So that's the stupid part.  I should have applied a shit-ton more sunscreen and should've paid attention to my legs.

Now the awesome part:
And that would be Shawn.
Honestly, the man is a Godsend.  Seriously.
He brought home microwave dinners because he knows how sore I am and I don't want to cook (or leave the house for take-out or anything.)
He felt so bad the first night that he brought home a little chocolate treat.  Love.
When I told him I'd get around to putting away the clean laundry I'd washed when I was a little less sore (seriously, this bitch hurts so much...all movement hurts....) he told me not to worry about it.
He told me absolutely NOT to do the dishes and just rest and relax.
Last night, he decided to sleep on the couch because he said I seemed to finally be sleeping comfortably and he didn't want to disturb me.
Finally, Shawn has been looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises for YEARS.  His plan has been, from the word go, to see it on opening day.  But because I'm so uncomfortable right now and every fabric I touch causes so much friction, he decided to wait a few days until the angry red monster that is my epidermis is calmed down and I'll be able to be with him in the theater - comfortably.
Honestly, let me say this.  next time I'm going to load up on sunscreen, but for this time, I'm so glad this man is in my life.

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