Tuesday, February 26

Misconceptions About Me

- I'm very smart:
     -Nope.  Just average (depending on your testing pool), but really just average.

- I don't wear makeup:
     -I wear a bit of concealer and some translucent powder.  If I'm feeling like a corpse, I'll put on a touch of lipstick.  For fancy occasions I wear mascara and maybe even some eyeliner.

- I'm stuck up:
     -Not even a little bit.  Most of the time I just feel awkward and don't know what to say or I'm waiting to be invited to the group instead of just joining in. Or if you're talking to me, I can't hear you, 'cuz of the deaf thing.

- I'm always frowning/sour faced:
     -Unfortunately I have really great resting bitch face.

- I'm a prude:
     -Not at all.  I'm just choosy about who I open up to.

- I have my shit together:
     -Only a little bit.  Sometimes.  Mostly just bumbling through.

- I'm very private:
     -Not really.  Ask me direct question and I'm going to answer truthfully.  If I can't, I'll usually just say I'm not ready to talk about it or I'm not going to answer.

- I love kids:
     -Not all of them.

- I'm really patient:
     -Just good at faking it.


  1. Great list. I particularly love the "I don't wear make-up".

    Kate x

    1. lol - I get that because whenever people see a picture of me where I have lipstick on, the first comment I get is always "You should wear makeup more often!" or people telling me "you could be so pretty if you wore makeup!" lol...I do. Just not very much because I feel like such a clown otherwise.

  2. Love this list! Definitely have gotten a lot of similar ones before, especially pertaining to being lofty and stuck up, when it was really me being too shy!
    Hope you're having a great day :)
    xo Hannah

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It was actually interesting for me to write this list.

  3. I think quiet people get more misconceptions because people have to fill in the blank. Though I don't know why it has to be negative things like "stuck up". Maybe it's a window into their insecurities.

    1. I agree with you on the fill in the blank thing. I guess some people just aren't comfortable with quieter people.

  4. people always assume that just because i'm asian, i'm a whiz at math. they couldn't be more wrong.

    1. Yeah, we all get misconceptions about from people and man oh man I am just awful at math.

  5. Hi Becky! This fellow weirdo found you through BBN!

    Great site! Can't wait to check out more of it!

    Quirky town.
    Newest Post: "HELP:I've Turned Into a Morning Person!!!!"

    1. Hey Cory - thanks for stopping by and checking things out; I hopped over and followed you back - I can't wait to explore more of your blog. Weirdos unite!

  6. Love these clarifications about misconceptions. I'm like you, if I've ignored someone it's because I didn't hear them. This happens to me a lot. I'm usually so deep in thought that I miss a lot of what is going on around me.


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