Saturday, March 9

Cats Are Weird: Dumping Things in the Water

It's well known that cats like to play with toilet paper rolls.
And Isabelle is not known for her impulse control.
That is why we do this:

We keep our toilet paper in a plastic box with a flip-top lock on it so she can't get into it.
Otherwise we have this:

...And not just "occasionally" or "once in a while."  It was every. single. day.  And often we'd find the roll had been unwound all around the bathroom and dragged into her water dish.
So we resulted to keeping our t.p. in lock-down so we don't go through fourteen rolls a week.

Speaking of her water dish, we have to keep it like this:
That's right.  She liked drinking out of the sink and if her water bowl was next to her food, she wouldn't "drink from it" so much as "play and make a mess and then go drink water out of the bathroom sink" - so we just stuck her water bowl in the bathroom sink and that's where she drinks from now and has for several years.

But how do we keep her from drinking out of the toilet, you ask?
Good question!
The lid is permanently down.  Always down.  Always.
Because of this:

A few years ago in mid-December, Shawn and I were home relaxing.  He was playing with baseball cards, I was wrapping presents, a Christmas movie in the background.  Oops! I ran out of tape.  So we ran to the store to get some tape and grabbed something for dinner.  We were gone a total of 45 minutes and came home to no less than TEN Christmas bows she'd pulled out of their bag and dumped in the toilet.  Awesome.

Shawn and I actually learned about her little "dropping things in water to marinate" fetish when we came home from our honeymoon and discovered my sister, who was checking in on our cats at the time, had left the seat up on her last check-in visit.
And all of Isabelle's toys had subsequently been dumped in.
All I can say is thank God I keep my bathroom clean.


  1. Haha, marinating the toys in the can, that's kind of hilarious!

    Today I found Hobbes sitting in the bathtub taking a bite out of a full roll of toilet paper. She doesn't usually do that but she was slightly delirious this morning. :P

  2. Omg, this was/is so adorably hilarious! :p I think my cat only ever played with the stuff in my room. He now lives with my grandmother on her farm since I can't have him here. Todd always broke dishes, though! And he loved laying in high places. The higher, the better. :x

    1. Hi Liz(a) - too bad you can't have your kitty with you. :( Isn't it weird how all cats seem to have certain things in common? Like high places, empty boxes, a ball of string.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again! :)

  3. I love your cat! Way too adorable that she has a water fetish :)


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