Saturday, April 27

Meet Hope

Hope is my sister's cat.  I know, it's like we're forever taking in cats of my sisters.  First there was Sufi, and now Hope.  Hope belongs to my sister, Christine.  She'd originally been found as a kitten abandoned in a box in an alley and left to die, but by happy chance, she came into my sister's life and has been with her for the past two years. When Christine moved to Florida, she couldn't take her baby with her, so when my brother Mick moved in with us, Hope came along, too.

At first there was some friction between 2 year old Hope and 7 year old Isabelle, but now they play quite well together and both love to look out the windows at the leaves and the birdies or just lay in the sun.  I do have to give the credit for their friendship mostly to Hope, who persisted in trying to get along with Isabelle, even when Isabelle sat there growling for 45 minutes straight.  I think Hope just wore Izzy down with her cuteness and playful ways. Hope never seemed to give up on the idea that her and Isabelle could be friends and now they are. Not exactly BFF's, but they're buddies. It helps that Hope has her room (Mick's room) and Isabelle has her room (mine and Shawn's room) and they respect each other's space (mostly).
So this is Hope, the newest addition to our family, as she enjoys the first truly nice, sunny and moderately warm day of the year.


  1. Aw, what a sweetie! I love happy stories for stray kitties :) I think most animals do better in pairs, maybe now your kitty won't be so crazy with your stuff? My baby kat and one of my older kitties still don't get along, four years later :( It's better but the younger one is just too feisty. They have the house divided by floors, upstairs is baby kats territory. And downstairs is shared. I keep telling her that isn't fair, but you know how well cats listen.

  2. On the new experiment: I have the same groove safety thing on the bottom of the shower which I usually get on my hands and knees and use a SOS steel wool thing. Did you really not have to scrub???

  3. She is sweet!!! Lot's of good cat juju coming your way! :)

  4. awww so cute :)


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