Tuesday, April 23

Movies From Back in the Day: The Dad Collection

Parents have different ways of bonding with their kids and those kids hang on to different things that meant something to them.  Today I'm going to talk about my dad.
My dad is not a golf dad.
He is not a business-suit dad who irons his clothes.
No, he's a doer, with hard, tough hands from 40 years of factory work.  A man who cashed in his vacation days to pay for his young daughter's ear operations.  When I first saw this -

I wasn't  "Hey, what an intense scene!  Great acting!"  I was more like "OMG - Dad?"  He's a teddy bear, but a hard-ass teddy bear.  He's the man who will go out of his way to buy the special expensive conditioner his daughters just have to have - and yet once accidentally put his fist through a glass coffee table.  The kind of man who cleans his fingernails with his buck knife and uses his barrel arms to clap his roughened hands onto the back of a boy I bring home as he says, "Come on young man, let me show you my gun collection."  
Yeah . . .  that guy?
Is my dad.
So suffice to say my bonding with my dad didn't really involve the typical Hallmark-card scenario.  No, we bonded over cheeseburgers, chocolate milk, and action movies.
So here are a few of my faves:
First, the ultimate in father-kid entertainment fun:

Admittedly, my sister was a bigger fan of Predator than I was, but I still enjoyed it.  Not as much as Commando, but it was watchable.
By now you've sensed the trend, so let's finish off the Arnold category with my other favorite:

Can we please take a moment to recognize this movie takes place in 2017?

Finally, something a bit different than the others.  This movie is more recent and my dad, brother, and I went to see it in the theater together and I wasn't thrilled to be seeing it, but then was surprised how delightful I found it.


  1. This is sweet, I love that you love your dad. Does he read your blog? :P

    PS I totally shook Arnold's hand one time. I bet it was really memorable for him, getting to meet me.

  2. i'm going to be one of those moms bonding over action movies with my daughter because i LOVE action movies. predator was a great one.

    1. I would probably bond with my kids over horror movies. Well, until they were old enough, probably just my favorite comedies. :)

  3. Your dad sounds like a good guy! I wasn't a fan of action films until my late teens, having grown up on oldies with happy endings and musicals. Now I love them!


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