Tuesday, June 18

Singing on the Toilet

So before work today, I was in my own little world - feeling all peppy and energetic because I ate a healthy breakfast and had two big 'ole cups of iced coffee and the sun was shining.  Good day.  So I head into the ladies' employee bathroom and I'm singing/humming to myself  "dun-dun-dun......dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN-DUN..."
Better known as THIS theme:

Of course, I'm finishing up and thinking This is going to be a great day! and doing my big humming finish:

And this is the moment I hear a toilet flush in the other stall and realize that someone has been in there the entire time.  Yup.  Bet you wish you were as cool as me.  


  1. Ha!! I am glad that has happened to someone else besides me. I practically sang an opera one time and someone walked out of the stall next to me. Awkward.


  2. Love this post! There has been plenty of times at work where I've been singing out loud and I didn't know there was people in the room - so embarrassing =S

  3. LOL....I have totally done that before....many, many times.

  4. At least she got a glimpse of your real personality :) Personally, I like to get to know peoples weirds, everyone has it inside them somewhere!

  5. My husband works weird hours and often overnights. When he works overnights, he's the only person in the building. There is an intercom system for the whole building that also broadcasts to the parking lot outside (which butts up to a housing development)....well.....one night, he was at work, singing along to his music on headphones (for like an hour) before he realized he was accidentally pressing down on the intercom button. So he had been serenading the neighborhood from like 3am-4am!!!


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