Sunday, June 16

Random Stuff (No, Really - It's Random Stuff)

Here's something from when Sufi was still living with us:

On the work front: things are good.  The only thing is that without fail, every night at closing time, every single customer is like this:

- with every. single. item.  It's like there's a special clause in the "closing time customer" contract that they have no ability to make up their mind about anything and also have no care about the people waiting in line behind them or the fact that the employees might want to go home to their "other" lives where they don't stand there debating with people over the price of a $3.00 pair of shoes.

On blogger: I recently found out my stupid email was sending tons of stuff to my spam folder. Grrr. I will be checking that regularly from now the meantime, I'm nearly caught up on missed correspondence - I think.  :) 

Here's Hope showing off the relaxation skills she learned from Isabelle:
It's a little blurry-ish because I had to take it fast as she tends to move when the camera comes out.

At work: I was noticing a cute tee that I thought would make a great sleeping shirt.  I said as much to a co-worker who is a bit older.  She replied: "You're too big for that shirt."  
The next week, another "older" co-worker was telling me about a story she told someone else which she referred to me in, except she couldn't remember my name.  So she's like "I told her - you know, the short, chubby girl, but she said 'we don't have any short, chubby girls working here' and I was like "You know...the short, chubby, talkative one.  But she still didn't know who I was talking about."
Later that SAME day:
A lovely lesbian customer was very pleased with my butt and kept saying what a nice little ass I had and how badly she wanted to pinch it and run her hands over it.  Now, none of this bothered me, but I'm here to tell you, folks: the world is a weird place.

Take this creepy Jesus figurine for example:

Also: my computer had some trouble and was being an uncooperative jerk.  It was all messed up.  But I got it all cleaned up and fixed and didn't lose any data or my Sim world (because keeping Sim-me and Sim-Keanu Reeves happily dating is super important.)  
So I'm giving a big thanks to Mike at Dark Horse Communications who fixed my computer right up while I was at work and gave super quick service (cuz' when I want my computer fixed, I want it done now, yo) and excellent pricing.  Admittedly, I had my doubts since I'm often cynical and waiting to hear the "it's gone from bad to worse" bells, but this was awesome.  If you're in the Northern Michigan area, like supporting small business, and maybe need a bit of computer help, give 'em a call.


  1. wow, those are some weird things you experienced at work! people.. :/

    the cat photos are so cute :)

  2. That Jesus looks freaky weird! Great post :)

  3. That Jesus looks really manic... that would make an awesome white elephant gift :)

    I dont know why people have to comment on weight/looks! Weirds me out.

  4. My Grandma has that Jesus figurine...

    HAHAHAH!!! Just kidding!!!!


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