Monday, July 29

Movies That Made Me Cry: The Entire Thing

While there have been plenty of movies that have put me in tears as a child and as an adult, these are some that really stick in my mind as being one teary scene after another.  Some of these movies are known for specific tear-jerker scenes, like Dumbo's mom singing to him and cradling him in her trunk (another list coming...) and the death of Bambi's mother are famously heart-wrenching.  But these movies are banned from my house for the reason that I can't just skip over one scene - they are emotional in one way or another from start to finish.

Milo & Otis upset me because - well - real animals put in dangerous situations for the "entertainment" of film.  (Also: this movie was made before animal protection on movie sets was a thing...look up how many cats died in the making of this movie.  And this is just the American version.  Who knows about the much less regulated Japanese original?  Yeah.  Not so much of a kid-friendly fun adventure film, is it?  Turns out, I was right to be upset and crying and it wasn't "just a movie."

So whether it was a mouse lost in the city, a baby elephant being teased, or orphaned dinosaurs looking for a place to call home, these are movies that had the elementary-aged little me in tears for 90 minutes or so.

By the way, I haven't seen any of these movies in years because I refuse to watch them again and also? They are banned from my home.  Because.

In no particular order:

Before The Lion King,  there was:

The Land Before Time


An American Tail

Benji: The Hunted

And finally...


Notice how they conveniently leave out the emotionally crippling part of the story on that fun, cute little trailer?


  1. The only film I've seen on this list is The Land Before Time... I think.

    But are you for real about the animals in the first one???? That... I just have no words.

    Have you seen Gone baby gone? That one didn't make me cry necessarily, but it just made me sick inside. I will never watch that film again, just too depressing.

  2. I can't believe that animal cruelty stuff from Milo and Otis! I used to watch that movie as a kid and am shocked about that. So sad! Totally can never watch that again.

    Also, Benji for me too! Great list. :)

  3. Oh Fievel... "Somewhere out out there..." that song is so sad. Thanks a lot.


    1. Oh man! I cried SO much during this movie. And speaking of bumming out - how awesome was it to assemble this list, watching trailers on youtube and such? Ugh. *Sob.

  4. milo and otis.
    i used to watch it, rewind it, watch it, rewind it (it was on vhs, god i'm old!) i actually had an orange tabby cat and a pug later in life and it was not on purpose but probably subconsciously haha i love that movie. :)

  5. The scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where the squeaky shoe gets Dipped....have to skip that scene every time


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