Monday, September 30

Unsolicited Customer Commentary

So check this:
The other day at work, one of my first customers was some random guy, probably in his thirties or so. I greeted him and he responded with "Must've been a pretty rough night of partying, huh?"
And I'm confused, because no, actually I had gone to bed a reasonable hour, I'd had plenty of coffee and I felt good.  Then he elaborated something about the dark circles under my eyes and my hair not being "done." 
So I replied the only way I knew how by saying "You would think so, but no."
I didn't go into the fact that the dark circles are just kind of a genetic thing and that I've never been one to spend half an hour doing my hair in the morning.
So then he remarked that I must really like stars (referring to my tattoos) and I said yes, I really did.  At which point he offered this nugget:
"Just don't get too many - you don't want to be one of those girls."
I just stared at him.
"You know," he continued, "You don't want to get too much done, you don't want to send the wrong signals."

Well, apparently I'm too late because I'm already sending the wrong signals if I gave the impression I was interested in his opinion.  
So that was entertaining.


  1. It's amazing how many people have no idea about boundaries and think they can say anything because you're working somewhere they're visiting.
    M x

  2. some people before they go out in the morning should tell themselves remember to THINK before I speak because I say stupid things. I have messy hair and dark circles under my eyes and people think it is because I have kids but I never did my hair and i have always had dark circles under my eyes! In fact I like messy hair :)

  3. oh by the way I lost all my blog content! All gone :( I look at it as a sign to do something a little different with my blogging :) I like your body stories posts glad you kept them :)

    1. Oh no! Are you going to change your domain name again? Just let me know. I haven't been commenting much, but I've been reading steadily along.... Email me anytime. :)

    2. no I am keeping my domain the same :) You don't have to comment I don't mind :) sucks I have to start again but it is all good!


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