Sunday, September 8

This Conversation Happened:

As Shawn reports on the score of Patriots-Bills game:

MICK: I hate the Patriots.
ME: I hate Tom Brady.
SHAWN: I don't hate Tom Brady.  I hate Bill Belichick.
ME: Oh yeah, I hate that asshole.
MICK: I hate the Patriots.
SHAWN: I do think that Brady has become a...whaddya call it?...metrosexual pretty boy since he hooked up with Gisele.
MICK: He married a gazelle?
ME: Gisele Bundchen, the model.
MICK: Gisele, gazelle - same thing.  Still don't know who she is.


  1. He married a gazelle? --- classic!

  2. Ha, funny stuff! I love conversations that take a silly turn :)

    I'm not a sports person but I actually sat down on the couch today and asked my husband a bunch of questions. He was thrilled that I was actually showing interest.


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