Thursday, October 17

A Day in the Life - Day Shift

I usually work afternoon/evening shifts, so I either sleep in or else by the time I remember to take pictures, the day is half over.  But recently I've had a few more morning/day shifts, so I fixed on getting this project done once and for all.
Are you ready to get jealous of my exciting rock-star life?

 7:20AM: wake, coffee & Prozac first thing while I watch Scrubs on Netflix as I come to.

8:10AM: Now it's time to shower and be disappointed with my hair no matter what combination of shampoo & conditioner I use.

8:40AM: I am showered and (mostly) dressed for work, so now it's time for breakfast.  Protein shake made with chocolate protein powder, almond milk, and a few crushed nuts with a slice of whole wheat toast.
Not pictured: I have Scooby Doo on in the background.

9AM: A quick blow-dry since my hair is still wet.
Finish getting ready for work: put on work - brush teeth, put on shirt, etc.

9:35AM: Leave for work.

1.) 10AM: clock in
2.) 1:05PM: break
3.) 4PM: clock out, heading home

 4:20PM: Every day when I get home, Isabelle comes to greet me and cries at me for the above mentioned cuddles.  And if you think I just put that label up there on the photo to hide my heavy arms - you're absolutely correct.

4:25PM: Change into lounge pants & a tank top

4:50PM: I forgot to pack a snack for work, so I'm hungry.  Grilled turkey & provolone with mustard, MORE COFFEE! and a computer-streamed viewing of Evil Dead 2 because Shawn is still asleep.  I also spend movie time doing my nails on both hands and feet (after I'm done eating, of course).
Not shown: 5:30PM - Shawn gets up and starts his day.

 6:35PM: I decide I really do have to exercise if I ever want to be in better shape.

7:30PM: Time for another shower to rinse off all the sweat!

7:45PM: Ugh.  Laundry.

8:10PM: Making "brinner" - scrambled eggs with green onions, bacon bits, and a shit-ton of spinach.  I serve Shawn's with toast, but I've had enough bread for one day.

8:50PM: Dishes....yay.....

9:10PM: Catch up on my blogs for a bit, then peruse pinterest and recipe sights for interesting stuff I might make later; after about an hour and a half of that, I switch to just screwing around and wasting time on the internet.
Not pictured: 10PM - Shawn leaves for work.

12AM: Only my bedside light is on, all tucked in and reading This Book is Full of Spiders before bed.

12:15AM: Isabelle hates when I'm trying to get pictures of her with my phone; she hates anything near her face, really.  But she's laying on my tummy and purring and it's time to turn out the light.


  1. How creative is your post? Love it!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. I liked seeing into your day :) I would be interested in a non-work, lazy/chore day.

    I should give myself more time in the morning like you do... I try to cram everything I need to do in less than an hour. But I also don't shower in the morning. Stinky girl!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it - I am thinking I will do a non-work day before too long. Although a lot of it will be: I'm reading. I'm watching crappy horror movies. Oh, I'm reading again, this time while eating. lol :)

  4. I'm so glad you did a day in the life post!!! I also never give myself enough time in the morning. Work starts at 10? Get up and get ready and leave the house starting at 9 (well, 8 with the baby)...Your eggs and spinach looks great!!!


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