Sunday, October 20

Here are some unexciting notes from my life:

1.) We got new uniform shirts at work.  Previously it was just blue polos, but now it's the Official Polo (and not a common Navy Blue, either, but freaking in-your-face-Cult-Blue) that has been made out of the fabric of nightmares.  It's like some polyester/demon hybrid that doesn't shrink, sure...but also doesn't stretch - (hello, my boobs need some room, dammit!) - at all.  This shirt barely moves, period.
ugh annoyed eye roll cry baby

2.) Today was early morning staff meeting day, and I delightfully left the car lights on all freaking day so yeah....dead battery.  Thank God for friends and jumper cables.

3.) I have been up and down with the eating healthy thing.  Shark week and such.  Yesterday was bad.  I wanted to punch a wall and also cuddle, I wanted to cry and tell Shawn to pay more attention to me! and also, to yell at him to leave me alone because I am moody and no, dammit, you're not doing anything wrong and stop snapping at me! - Oh, I shouldn't be so whiny and selfish but...act more concerned, damn you!

Yeah.  Yesterday I was a total crazy person.  Between me and the Tigers losing to the Red Sox, I'm fairly certain it was the worst day of Shawn's year.

The point of this story is not that Shawn deserves a prize for keeping his cool and never once telling me to "get over it" or that "it's all in my head" - but that during this whole time, I am even more of an emotional eater than normal.  Tonight I ate Burger King for dinner.

Ugh.  No more of that.  Talk about your reminders of how shitty fast food can make you feel.  Ugh.  Eat shit, feel like shit.  So at least I learn from my mistakes....after perhaps the 875th time I make the exact same one, that is.

4.) I saw a spider walking on the floor at work today.  Stepped on him.  Felt really guilty.  Wondered if I should've had a spider funeral?  <<<<(Not being sarcastic.)  Still feeling kinda guilty, since even though I hate spiders, it's not like he was doing anything wrong.  He was probably on his way back home from running spider errands and got caught up in traffic - i.e., our receiving and processing area.

So yeah.  That's all the super excitement right now.
What's new for you?


  1. Ahh shark week. The other day I cried while watching Master Chef Junior because the kids ... did a good job making a layer cake???? And then the next day I got all teary at work because ... a 73 year old lady got her first tattoo??? haha it makes no sense.

    1. Oh my God, I know! And every single month, I swear it gets worse. Yesterday I was getting groceries and saw a cool pair of wool socks and my hubby threw them in the cart and I was getting all misty-eyed....over the socks.

  2. I do not always make the best dinner choices: today was chips and sour cream, salami, apple cider. wtf kind of stupid dinner is that???

    Sometimes being a girl sucks: whats with all the random tears? Luckily my kitties don't judge me :)

  3. Spiders scare me, but I always make sure to get my husband/anyone else nearby to take them outside, and if I accidentally kill one, I always apologize. Talk about weird random hormonal tears over a dead spider.....


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