Wednesday, October 30

Shawn's Birthday

So, circa 1978/'79, Shawn was two years old and his younger brother was nearly one.  And actually, this picture pretty much captures both of their personalities rather well.

On October 28, we celebrated Shawn's 37th with a low-key Enjoy-Autumn day.
When he got home from work (a little early - 6:30AM) - I made his cake and then fixed a big french toast breakfast for the three of us, as french toast is his favorite.
Then it was sleepy time for a while.

Then we got up and had a nice latte and headed to our favorite farm market for some Fall Fun.

It was one of those super-bright, brilliant, crisp and chilly Autumn days with the blowing wind and the smell of leaves in the air and the sun shining.  

A bit fuzzy, but perfect pumpkin doughnuts with cinnamon sugar dusting.  So-so-so good! 

Heading toward the corn maze.  I didn't edit these pictures - that's how brilliant blue and clear the sky really was that day. 
 And it was windy and my hair kept flying in my face. 
 I love seeing the sheep.  They just stare at you all unimpressed while chewing their hay and thinking "I am smarter than you."
I used the photo on the left and turned it into the crappy meme on the right, laughing like a jack-ass the whole time because when I get over-tired and hopped up on sugar, this is the kind of thing I find amusing. 

Running chicken.
(I had one of a hen hanging out in the big tree, but it didn't come out very well.) 
I bought carrots, onions, and potatoes for the stew I'm making tomorrow (actually today, now).
We didn't get hot cider this year as we'd both just finished our lattes from the coffee shop, but we did get a 1/2 gallon of Honeycrisp cider - it's so delicious. 
 Heading out, last shot. 

After that we drove around in the downtown neighborhoods and admired all the houses and Halloween decorations, then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for an alarm clock and I got overly excited seeing all the Christmas stuff.  Because I kind of have no self control about how excited I get for Christmas.  And finally, we went to dinner and he got a candle in his dessert: 
It was french toast (I told you it's his favorite) bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel.

Our waiter was really awesome and nobody sang (awesome!).  We hit Target to get some necessities (because I consider a new pair of tweezers when the old ones are dull a definite necessity, okay?) and then headed home.  And of course, we were too stuffed to even think about having any of the pumpkin-spice cake I'd made him that morning, so we had it for breakfast the next day.  Score ten points for cake for breakfast.
Oh, did I not mention that between the doughnuts and the cake and the cider and the birthday dinner out that my diet has not even been close to healthy this past weekend?  Yeah.  Enjoyed every minute of it. 

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