Friday, November 22


Listening To:
Matchbox 20's first album, "Yourself or Someone Like You."  At this exact moment, it's on 'Push' which - let's be honest - one of the best songs to come out of the nineties.  I love the line "Don't just stand there/say nice things to me."

You know how netflix creates rows based on what you watch?  So my streaming has the categories:
"Feel-Good-Made-For-TV Holiday Movies"
"Creatures, Monsters, and Mutants Movies"
"Cerebral British TV Shows"
"Talking Animal Children and Family Movies"
and finally:
"Gory Supernatural Horror Movies"
So...yeah.  The above is what I watch because I am a grown-up.

Nearly done with This Book is Full of Spiders (Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It) by David Wong and I'm loving every page.  It is AWESOME.  Look for my review when I'm finished.

Here's the scoop: about two weeks ago, I got a promotion at work.  I love the new job and the perks that come with it - more hours, better pay, and as of February, I will be eligible for medical insurance and won't have to go through the whole "marketplace" bullshit. However, with the promotion of course comes lots of learning and longer hours and schedule changes and such.  I'm happy with the job, but I've been spending my extra down time watching telly or reading instead of blogging.  Now that I'm getting into a groove, I'm starting to get caught back up on blogger stuff.


  1. Congrats on the promotion, that's really awesome Becky!

    Also, loving the new look! I've been wanting to switch things up a bit myself lately but haven't fully decided on anything yet, we'll see how it goes. :)

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the new look. :)


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