Wednesday, December 11

Christmas Memories (1)

1.) This is the ornament Shawn's parents got for his first Christmas, when he was 2 months old.  I love the mouse pajamas.
2.) I can't remember what year this is from, but I'm sure it's written on there somewhere.  I just love it.
3.) this ornament is from '77, the year Shawn turned 1. And yes, I'm very aware that this is an ornament of a creepy clown.  Remember - things were different in the '70's.  
1.) Last year, we were preparing for the process of filing for bankruptcy.  We had less than zero dollars and I was looking for cheap, easy crafts to make.  I found this great website with an awesome ornament idea and I tried it....and failed.  This is the "didn't think that entirely through so I'll have to deal with what I have" version that looks like a 2nd grader made it.  Still, we keep it as a reminder.
2.) & 3.) These are from '07 or '08.  I had gotten a package of ornaments as my special gift for finding the pickle (a tradition Miss Carol brought to our family) the year prior.  In a fit of thinking I could craft, I decided to paint simple, festive pictures or words; Peace, Jolly, Merry, Joy, Holly, Believe, a picture of a snowflake or a tree, etc.  I had a big 'ole bag and let everyone choose the one they liked.  The best ones went and these are the leftovers that ALSO look like a 2nd grader made them.  But still, sentiment and all. 
1.) Our newest addition. 2.) This was a gift from my sister.  She and I have really different tastes, but when it comes to gifting, she has always been spot-on knowing what I like.  This is one of my most favorite ornaments. 3.) Bought this in '03, the first time I decided to have my own tree in my bedroom.  I love Hermey and the whole misfit thing and I have a couple of Rudolph character ornaments. 4.) Yes, that is a Yellow peanut M&M dressed as Darth Vader. 5.) Another from my first tree year.  I found this and loved him and the people at Target could not understand why I'd want the penguin who was missing a leg when they could get me "a good one" and I was all "No, I love him! He's a misfit like Hermey and I don't want him to get relegated to the bin just because he's a little special!"  Of course the clerk looked at me like maybe I was a little bit special after this explanation. 6.) No back story.  We saw it at FYE a few years ago and had to have it.  I am on the hunt for a Luigi. I hope you enjoyed the stories of some of my favorite ornaments. More to come. PS - Quick note: My disqus widget kept acting up here; it was all weird.  I do still have it, just not here on my site.  It also recently came to my attention that my status had changed to no-reply, so I fixed THAT, too. So all should be well and normal and basically, I'm back to basic commenting and I'll reply via email if you have the option otherwise here on site.  Thanks for your patience.) 

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  1. I love that each ornament has a story!

    I have realized that I'm not that festive with my homes... the only christmas I've had was one two years ago that my brother bought when he was living here. In all my apartments and such I have never gotten a tree, real or otherwise! Right now I just wrap a pre-lit garland around the column in the kitchen and stick the christmas cards in it.

    And that clown is scary. My parents had these yarn body clown ornaments with Styrofoam heads, and i would squish the heads in hopes my mom would toss them. It didn't work.


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