Friday, December 27


I finally started "Orange is the New Black" on netflix and I'm pretty much addicted to it like meth.  I started yesterday and I'm already five episodes in.

The Fratellis' Costello Music
I am gearing up to run errands today and I tend to listen to poppy, fast-paced stuff when preparing for the day.

Good.  In spite of working the closing shift on Christmas Eve, we had a wonderful holiday and yesterday at work was a really good day and the level of stress around the place had markedly dropped, which is a major plus.  I have today off to run errands (and perhaps shop with some of my gift cards?) and we're taking down the tree.  I love Christmas trees, but I am ready to have my apartment space back to normal, especially since this year's tree is so randomly huge.

Getting ready for the new year, and I totally vibe on the "fresh start" aspect.  I mean, really, is anything better than a fresh new notebook, a freshly sharpened pencil, newly washed sheets, just-shaved legs, or the deep cleaning that comes with putting away the holiday decor and preparing for a new year?

Working On>>>
Further to planning, I am getting caught back up on everything that took a back seat to preparing for and enjoying the festivities.  That reading, blog writing, laundry, dusting....yeah.  It's no wonder I have to do a deep clean after putting away Christmas stuff.

Mostly just the graphic novel "Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime" because that's my bathroom reading at the moment and I've got a lot of other big projects at the moment.


  1. I read the sample of "Orange is the New Black" on my kindle and it was really interesting. I asked my husband if we could start watching the series, and he didn't say anything so I thought he wasn't interested. On one of my days off, I started watching it and he came home when I was just starting episode 4. He was so surprised that I was watching TV (I NEVER watch TV on my own or really know how to work the remote) and was doubly surprised I was watching that show. He figured we would start watching it after all our normal shows had ended but didn't think he needed to tell me that. Whoops! So he decided to try to catch up at work, set up the first episode... AND BOOBIES EVERYWHERE. Haha, so he didn't catch up yet :)

  2. I love the fresh start of the New Year, too. I never seem to keep up with my resolutions, but it does feel good to sit down and think about what I want to do with the next 12 months. Man, I love a new day planner.


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