Wednesday, January 8

Aw man, now I have to "go" there....

So I'm a feminist, but by definition/practice, it's an "equalist" thing.  You know the drill.  Not a man-mating psycho, but equal-work, equal pay.
Is there a problem with representation of women in government and corporations?  Fuck yes.
It's not just a problem of men vs. women.  It's a problem of EVERYONE should have a voice.  Everyone should be heard.  Not just those who go to college, not just those above a certain age.  Who runs the country right now?  White males with professional degrees.
I don't know WHY we're letting them run the country, but hey.  I mean, you can break it down over the whole history and socio-economic causes and blahdy-blah-blah...but the point is...wealthy white males rule the country and regardless of how it started, it needs to stop.
In Kiss My Tiara, (c2001 - and a God-awful title, I know) author Susan Jane Gilman at one point mentions that the tendency toward white males who are running the insurance companies to NOT cover birth control and to refer to unmarried women who use birth control as sluts/whores, etc. (keep in mind, this was years before the whole Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh fiasco) or who don't want insurance to have better maternity coverage should be dealt with like a trade embargo.  If they're not going to behave nicely and respectfully, and they act as though we're all just tramps...well, slam those knees shut and clamp the fuck up. (To paraphrase.)  In no way do I mean to imply that sex should be traded for favors.  But if someone is out there voting down insurance for birth control, maybe not having sex with that asshole should be the practiced form of birth control.  (Again, paraphrasing.)

So...this is what happened.
I was reading A Blog About a Nova and her most recent links post.  One of those links took me to this page and specifically, the #2 item about Robin Thicke piqued my interest because I had no familiarity with him before the Miley Cyrus VMA bullshit, so I clicked on their link which takes you to an article about Robin Thicke and his epic fuckwaddery.  This page opens with: "If you have ears, you've heard the song 'Blurred Lines'.  If you have eyes, you've seen the explicit video."  And so I'm like ""  So I checked it out because nope, before 1 hour ago, I had never heard of the song or seen the video.

What what's the point, besides my evident obliviousness to pop culture?
The point is that after watching the abomination of that video, I've decided we need to shift gears and have a mutiny.
From now on, women and girls will wear real clothes, as opposed to shorts that end at the vagina. We're going to start having Mr. America pageants (excuse me, scholarship programs - cough - cough) and they will be judged in a series of contests, most notably, the swimsuit competition and lord help those boys if they wear the wrong suit style.
We're going to create video games more like this:
He looks empowered to me.
We're going to expect those men to show some skin - but not too much because we don't want our men to be sluts.  Until we want them to be sluts, then they damn well better be easy.  Easy for ourselves, but not for other women.  We're going to stop marketing yogurt as a dessert, we're going to quit acting like laugh lines are the worst.thing.ever.  We're going to stop running beer commercials where women are featured as decorations and/or prizes.  I want my next Bud Light commercial to have a group of women sitting around, drinking their long necks and popping corn nuts - while fully dressed! - and maybe their ogling the hot neighbor mowing his lawn in just his shorts and he just needs to cool the sweat off his brow with a cold beer, but of course the ladies make him bend over to reach for it in the fridge.  Because fuck no, that's not sexist and it's totally not objectifying him.

We're going to start making movies where a woman vows revenge because her boyfriend was kidnapped and/or killed.  She'll enlist a sidekick who's clever with one-liners and also has a kick-ass collection of bras that don't fucking chafe.  

Boiling it down, Robin Thicke is a douchewad who will apparently do anything to make headlines and gossip, because - publicity, yo. 
Some women will continue to feed into this, because....why, I don't know.  Insecurity, Daddy issues, Mommy Issues, Egomania, Narcissism, Who the hell knows?  (And it's not just men...women are horrible to each other and seem to have that sense that whoever is prettiest is most valuable attitude toward each other) - we need to stop thinking sex appeal is value.  We need to stop letting people (men, women, robots, other) treat other people as objects/plot devices.
We need to be humane.  
We need to kick down the doors to the boy's club and start calling out some of these good 'ole boys on their bullshit and shipping out the dusty old antiques.
As a society, we need to Stop Being Such Stupid Fucking Jerks and Pull Our Heads Out of Our Asses so some work can actually get done for once.  Why is the economy all collapsed and shit?  Because a bunch of good 'ole boys had their heads so far up their asses they couldn't see straight.  Because we have our heads up our asses about fucking Miley Cyrus or what some TV star said as opposed to ACTUAL NEWS.  

But no matter what, we need to turn the tables and start treating men as equals in the sex objects department, because the only way we're going to affect change is to turn the tables completely and see how they like it.  Change the rules of the game and see how quickly they don't want to play anymore.  


  1. I totally agree with the whole Robin Thicke issue - the first few times I heard the song when driving I just heard the tune and then when I listened I couldn't believe the words. Specifically the 'rap' section, that's just awful. I think being equal is so difficult to achieve since we are all different and face inequalities in our own sexes let along trying to equal all humans. I wear what I want and if that's short shorts in the summer then I will be the whole treatment of men towards woman wearing items is horrific. I'm not talking Gaga or Miley short here haha!!!

    I would love a world of equality but I don't know how it would happen when you have woman actually admiring the likes of Thicke and other chauvanistic men. We can only try and change and show our own selves to be strong and empowered woman :-) That's what I try and show to the kids I teach.

    M xx

  2. A friend of mine and I used to go running at this big park in Houston. It's hot in Houston all.the.time, so plenty of hunky men are there jogging in next to nothing (thank you, Houston!), and after our runs, she and I would drive a big loop around the park cat-calling and whistling at all the hottie guys out there because it made us laugh. We felt like idiots, but it was hilarious!

  3. I was watching an action film with my husband and one of his guy friends, and the friend always had to say something when a hot girl was on screen so I decided to turn the tables. When the main action guy took his shirt off I piped "Ay, papasito!" (loose translation: "sexy stud"). The look on said friends face was priceless :D

    I feel like feminism has been going BACKWARDS of late which is so bizarre. And why do a lot of people think "feminist" = hates men? I just wish everyone could be treated equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age... etc. I just don't see that happening though. Have you seen any of those studies where they have pretty people vs their "uglier" doppelganger apply for jobs with the same resume/outfits? The prettier people get the job. The prettier girl gets more help with her broken down car. The "uglier" girl just got one guy that gave her a gas can so she CAN WALK HERSELF TO GET GAS.

    Another note: on an article about mannequins taking over sign holder jobs, this one (male) commenter shared a story of thinking that this one blond, young, female mannequin was a real person and he thought for shame! and drove up to her to offer her a job at his company because "a girl like that" didn't need to be doing a "job like that". I had to leave my computer because I wanted to punch him in the face. So if she was bigger, or uglier, she deserves that job??? ARRRGGH.


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