Friday, January 10

(Part) of a Day in Pictures - Day Off

A few months ago, I did a Day in the Life post about working a morning shift.  People seemed to enjoy it and Heather was all "You should do one for your day off!" and I was "It'll be nothing but pictures of me wasting time."  But I still did it, because that's what we do here: random stuff.

Not Shown: 2:15AM - bed

6:45AM - Shawn wakes me up to make him breakfast.  Not actually normal; he's still not feeling great.
I don't want the eggs I made him, so I have Cocoa Puffs while we watch the MLB network.
7:20AM: Yeah, I'm going back to bed.
9:30AM: Shawn goes to bed and I get up for the day, pulling my hair back as usual.
Isabelle enjoys the morning sun.
Coffee: the most important meal of the day.
I often use the morning light and a magnifying mirror to tweeze my brows.
I'm trying to grow them in more, but it's a process and I lose patience. 
Because I can't do just one thing at a time; I'm also watching some Star Trek: TNG on netflix.
Noonish: Drive-thru return at the library.
It is a grey, dreary day for errands.  No filters.
I always look at the cat stuff in Target.  I think Isabelle would love this.
2:30PM: Home - what I bought:
1.) Notepad for work;
2.) File organizer for work;
3.) Post-it's for work;
4.) Cough syrup for Shawn
5.) Hair dye
Since I'm home for the day, the slippers go on and the bra comes off.
Time to screw around making TV characters.  I've been making all
The Big Bang Theory characters and just finished a Daryl Dixon.
Also doing laundry at this time.

Also Not Pictured:
After this, it got on to be about 5:30 and Shawn got up for the day.  We chatted, had dinner and watched a movie, (Major League) and it was during this stretch that I kind of forgot about pictures. I browsed through a book about stress relief stretches and breathing, I laid around being lazy for a bit doing absolutely nothing, built a shoe rack to get the shoes in our entryway organized so I could quit stumbling over all the pairs of sneakers and boots and such.  I screwed around on watching videos and such and now, it's 2:47AM.  I'm wicked tired and ready for bed.
I'll bet you guys all just wish you were as cool and productive as I am. 


  1. Squee! I didn't know you played the Sims too!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you are a better wife than I: If my husband and I had different schedules, I don't think I would get up for any reason except for when I had to get up for work :/ Luckily we work the exact same schedule monday thru friday so I don't have to worry about that :)

    Thanks for sharing you day! I would have to do a non work one because I am not allowed to take photos at work. Shhhh.

  2. yes to slippers and braless at home on a day off!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I love grey days! I know, it's weird, but I would do very well in the Pacific northwest. I, too, doubt I'd get up to make my husband breakfast, or at least he'd have to be pretty sick for me to get my @$$ out of bed that early. And, man, there's nothing quite like a brand new notebook. Oh, the possibilities!!!


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