Wednesday, June 11

All the Work Gifs

When I constantly have to ride someone's ass to get them to do their job, I feel like:

How I feel when I haven't even punched in and it's an obvious shit-storm:
bored animated GIF

How I feel when I give someone instruction and they respond with "just a minute."

How I feel when I've made a mistake at work:
teenage mutant ninja turtles animated GIF

When the BIG bosses come out for a look-see, I:
the simpsons animated GIF

How I feel when we've had a busy day, the store is trashed, and everyone is all
"are we going to get out early tonight?"

How I feel when people keep nagging me about leaving when I'm not done with my work yet.

How it feels when we DO get out early:

How it feels on days when everything runs smoothly:

How I feel when the entire day has been a cluster fuck.

How I feel when my team has been working hard, regardless of the type of day it is:

1 comment :

  1. LOL.....I love these and can relate. Especially the "I haven't even punched in and it's an obvious shit-storm". It's the story of my life these days.


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