Friday, July 11

Some of My Instagram Pics

You may or may not follow me on instagram. Here are some random pictures I've shared there.  I'm sharing these because I'm starting to get a little bit better, especially compared to when I first signed up for IG.

At the library.

A work lunch. Evol Tandoori Chicken Bowl, water.

Isabelle enjoys a morning sun and gentle breeze.

Secret Target purchase? 

Hope close up while she rests on my tummy.

Walking home from the store.

Tired while waiting for an appointment. RBF for the win.


  1. Awww, your kitties are precious! I recently wrote a post about ending up an old crazy cat lady. I was also curious about the Evol foods I have been seeing just about everywhere. Where can you purchase these? Your chicken bowl looks amazing AAAND I love the first pic. It looks very professional and almost like an optical illusion. Have a great weekend!!

  2. I really love how the library shot came out, like out of a Wes Anderson film :)
    I have found that since joining instagram, I do consider how I am taking the photo more seriously... colors, angle, composition... I'm still no pro cause I still post blurry shots :D

  3. I swear to Goddess the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of you at the end was, "omg that's my resting bitch face. WE HAVE THE SAME FACE I HAVE TO TELL HER" but then you already said RBF in the caption so I couldn't figure out a way to tell you without repeating "RBF" besides telling you this story I just told you. Not sure why I thought I couldn't repeat something in the comments that you'd just said in the post. Chalk it up to the fact that I haven't been commenting on anything in a long time and so I'm creaky and rusty and forgot how interacting works?

    ANYWAY HI. Just so you know I've been lurking here all year, I just have literally had no umph to put into anything more than looking at the computer screen in that time. And also, bit of a bone to pick, you posted a wonderful post a bunch of weeks (months?) ago that I'm too lazy to go back and find now, but it was honest and wonderful and if I remember correctly you promised to keep bringing it on with said honesty and I just would like you to know, that I am holding you to it because I really like your writing and your brain. So just in case you thought nobody cared or wanted to hear it I DO so appease me. Applease. (:

  4. That library photo is amazing! And I love that close up of your cat too!


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