Friday, July 4

We're Great But Very Far From Perfect

I love America.
And America pisses me the hell off.
America can be so awesome sometimes and there are days when I have all the feels and the pride and feel so much joy and truth be told I love the history of America. (Not all of it, true. There are a lot of unsavory parts.) But you know, reflecting on a time when people really believed in fighting for what they truly believed was right and wrote well-thought and argued articles to persuade people to think about things more instead of just random memes attacking the stupidity of the "other". When I think of hard work and standing up and having a revolution against oppression instead of using photoshop to passive-aggressively whine about the president.
When I think of the great plains, the Rockies, all the people, the minds, the art, the fight, the spirit.
I do love my country.

And then there are the days when I am reminded of how stupid, immature, self-involved and totally selfish we act. As far as countries are concerned, we are like spoiled toddlers who think the world revolves around us. I remember that a very large portion of the voting population apparently thinks the President has the almighty and unquestioned power of a monarch, that most people have no idea what the 19th Amendment is, that I actively know people who can't read an analog clock and don't actually know the purpose of the legislative branch of government....but these people are voting.
And then I'm both terrified and embarrassed.

I do love America. I love me some cherry pie and burgers on the grill and I love a beautiful blue sky and fireworks and lemonade and I love the freedom to write this post.
We tend to have freedoms here so many countries don't have.
When it comes to things like energy, gas, oil, water, the environment....we are so so so far behind and lacking and ignorant and privileged and it's to the point that those of us who do care about that stuff get disgusted.
So I guess what I'm saying, America, is that if the world is a playground, yes, we have a kick-ass fort. Hell, we probably have the best fort on the playground.
But we also have most of the sticks and pine cones other fort-building supplies and there are other cool-as-hell forts out there that maybe we could share with a bit more? And there are some other forts that are being run by bullies who are stomping on everyone and rubbing their faces in the dirt and making 'em eat mud and stuff (probably not a metaphor in the case of N. Korea) and meanwhile we're all over here just jumping up and down screaming about how awesome we are and how we're the best and the coolest.

So I guess the point is...
America is awesome-sauce.
But other countries are too.
Quit being so fucking spoiled and selfish, United States.
Grow up, and play nice.

And if somebody won't quit being a bully, sometimes a fucker just needs to be punched in the face.
Probably not the best official foreign policy, but maybe playground politics would be more effective than the current system the world is working with.


  1. People from other countries roll their eyes at our "murica is number one!" mentality, and I don't blame them :) i love my country, of course, but damn can we be dumb. America is still young though, so hopefully we will mature with time! Lols.

  2. Playground rules definitely should apply. We've come a long way, but there's still a lot we need to learn.


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