Saturday, October 25

I am a Social Media Grump

  • I truly do not give a crap about your Keurig. I know it's supposed to be wonderful and all, but seriously, I. do. not. care. The minute I see anything on that topic or a picture of your coffee maker in my feed, I immediately click "mark as read" and move on. Because while I'm sure you're delighted with your new coffee maker, I have better things to read. 

  • For some odd reason, my bloglovin' feed is FULL of promoted bags by Coach. And my instagram promoted posts tend to be for - get this - Christian Louboutin. I understand ads and promoted posts and stuff, but really....I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy those brands even if I COULD afford them, because they are grossly unnecessary. I'm just saying - maybe know your audience. A promoted post of interesting pen that I would look at.

  • I find I have less and less time for bullshit every day. By that, I mean people on facebook I'm only friends with because we once worked together for a few weeks - unfollow. Delete. Blogs I'm not truly interested in - unfollow. Instagram accounts that aren't that interesting - unfollow. Part of me hopes this doesn't make me a bitch and part of me is like "Dude, I am 34 fucking years old. I am going to like what I like and follow what interests me and only that."

  • On that note, I also find that I "like" a lot of things. A lot of instagram pics. And for a while I was afraid that I was being too freewheeling with how often I like a pic on IG. Because some people reserve their likes for things they REALLY like. I like a lot of pictures. And I am not going to apologize for that. I have decided there is nothing wrong with being unapologetically enthusiastic about something - especially in light of the fact that I'm so bitter and hateful about so much in the world. Might as well run with the good, right? 

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