Saturday, February 7

Experiment: Glue as Blackhead Remover

Experiment: School Glue to Remove Blackheads:
- For: 
A cheap and fun alternative to pore strips
- How to: 
Pretty self explanatory, I think. However, I did a half-ass browse of this post and I watched this video (albeit with the sound off as I was on the phone with my sister at the time) before conducting my own experiments. (Overall, I think the video provides better technique.) Here is what I did: 

Please note I didn't have any makeup on and for authenticity, I didn't alter the photos except for cropping, so please, be gentle.
 Don't mind the glob of toothpaste: I had a little pimple.

A bit more close up.

Couldn't decide which to use, so I did both.

Looking terrible. I used the gel on my chin (applied with a plastic spoon) 
and used the glue stick on my nose. Still got the toothpaste.

Toothpaste pimple treatment getting crumbly, the nose glue has dried completely
clear, and you can see the gel on my chin has dried and is starting to peel.

After. I'm not in a bad mood, it's RBF because I just couldn't get a good 
close up shot and also had a fight with the cat.*

- The Outcome: 
Kinda hard to tell from a non close up shot, but yeah, no blackheads were removed in the making of this post. It didn't bother my skin, or anything - essentially it was no different than doing a cheap drugstore cucumber peel mask. 
- Final Verdict:
A mildly amusing waste of time. 

*When peeling off glue, do not leave pieces sitting on the counter and look away from them for even 10 seconds because you WILL end up in a cage match with your cat when she decides to try to eat them and you have to dig them out of her mouth. 

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