Saturday, February 7

Things That Have Actually Been Said

A friend of mine has a tumblr. Here are some things that were filed under "personal" that I wanted to share.

Miscommunication about bacon.

The Internet = Mos Eisley

Bitch Said What? (aka: Unsolicited input. Let the children be.)

I actually have a tumblr, too.
(I'm not particularly good at posting on it regularly or following up on checking tumblr blogs regularly - I usually do a binge session once every few days) - but if you like, you can check it out.
Here is a snippet from a post I shared:

1.) After heading directly from the shower to the bedroom and sharing an intimate time with my husband, when we were finished, I asked him to hand me a comb “to get the knots out of my hair.” To which he replied, “If you don’t comb your hair, it can get knots in it?” 
To which I nodded and he added, “Being a girl is weird.”

Yes, yes it is.

2.) My brother recently made himself some soup and I watched as he crumbled an exorbitant amount of crackers onto it. “Holy crackers!” I exclaimed. 
“Well, I don’t like liquidy soup,” he replied.  

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