Thursday, April 16

Awesome Links

The Motherfucking Pterodactyl (video from one of my favorite fun sites, The Oatmeal.)

Movies that Get 0 out of 10 (My nephew is 19 years old and watches ALL the movies...good, bad, action, drama, old, classic, horror, comedy - if it's a movie, he watches and analyzes it. Here are his reviews for the 2 movies that sucked enough to get a zero on his scale.)

A Moment in Time (Blog post from Caitlin)

Honest Trailers: Cinderella

Orange is the New Black Season 3 Trailer - You've probably already seen this trailer several times, but I'm still including it.

Lunch at O'Nutters (Skit from Inside Amy Schumer)

Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy (buzzfeed video) 

Jess has some great ideas for monthly blog themes. (Humor)

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