Friday, April 10

Sunday Confessions 4-12-15

Sunday Confessions

1.) Copy (be sure to grab it all) the text in the box and paste it onto a new post.
2.) Give your new post a delightful name and get out what's been in your brain all week.
3.) Come back and add your link (make sure it's linking directly to your confessions post) to the list and check out others.
4.) Each link will be open for a week, until the new week starts.

1.) This is my first Sunday Confessions and I'm still not quite sure how well the InLinkz will work, so somebody please attempt to add your link at least so I can see if it works okay. I'm not really expecting much, but I put a surprising amount of work into making that button and I'm weirdly proud of it, so I'm definitely doing this more.

2.) I ate WAY TOO MUCH at dinner tonight and I am paying for it now. All I can do is wait it out, but basically, I ate myself sick and I am miserable. I will be restarting counseling on Wednesday and I definitely intend to address my emotional eating and why I eat past hungry. Ugh. I hate this about myself.

3.) I spent an entire hour dicking around on instagram earlier today...just searching different hashtags and perusing various accounts I found interesting. Random.

4.) This is a bad one. In the past few months, three different blogs I follow(ed) have gone to private and I'm kinda wigging out it me? Are they going private just to avoid me? Two of them still interact with me on other social media, but one completely abandoned accounts and disappeared.Seriously, has this happened to anyone else?  It's probably coincidence, but there is that sense school insecurity I have. Lame. Super lame. People whose blogs I comment on a lot: I'm not a stalker, or a crazy person, I just really enjoy interacting with other bloggers.


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