Friday, May 1

All the Brownies.

I haven't been posting much because nothing much exciting is going on - or moreover, I feel like I'm being really whiny and I don't want to flood my blog with stupid "my leg is still weirdly numb and painful right now" shit.

But I do  feel really whiny and pathetic right now.

Which is in direct correlation to the fact that shark week is coming soon to a uterus near you. (Actually, nowhere near you.) 

I am not the woman who goes into rages and gets pissed at everybody and screams. I mean, my patience is thinner and I get irritated in my head - but I don't say anything.

No. I am one of those who falls on the needy, sensitive, wanna-be-held-all-the-time, give-me-all-the-brownies end of the spectrum.

needy animated GIF

Additionally, I had a therapy appointment today, (working on my anxiety) - and oy...I don't know if any of you guys have ever had therapy for anything, but it is exhausting. Every time I think it's going to be different and yet, after every appointment, I arrive home feeling like I just ran 20 miles. To be perfectly truthful, I take a long nap afterward every time, because I am so physically and mentally drained.

In the meantime, I have no reason to include this gif, but it's hilarious to me. I laughed my ass off when I stumbled onto this little gem.  

menstruation animated GIF

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