Sunday, May 10

Sunday Confessions 5-10-2015

The United States of Becky

I want:
A neutrogena sonic wave cleaner, an immersion blender, and a diva cup. These are things I hope to acquire within the next six weeks.  (If anyone has any feedback on any of these items, feel free to share.)

My skin is uneven and requires lots of exfoliation and everything I've seen so far regarding the Sonic Wave has been positive, & also a Clarisonic - way too expensive! I want an immersion blender for exactly two functions: A.) to blend protein powder with almond milk without having to use my full size blender and B.) my favorite dessert has recently become sugar-free/fat-free instant pudding mixed with whipping cream, which creates a thick, creamy, decadent mousse thing which is perfect for adding a bit of fruit to. The diva cup I want for multiple reasons, not the least of which being that for some reason, my body seems to reject tampons now. Over the past several months, they have become uncomfortable and awkward and I can't stand using them, no matter what brand I try. Also, environmental considerations.

I watched:
Horns, because it looked interesting plot-wise, but largely because of Daniel Radcliffe. Yum. Now I have the book on hold at the library because I'm super curious about it.

I'm feeling:
A bit frustrated, a bit old. I haven't actually been able to discern what the point of Google Earth Plug-in is. I honestly don't know how it is different from ordinary Google Earth.
Also, I had a whole confession about my frustration with the book I am outlining, but it turned into quite a tangent and I am going to save all that for another post. :)

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, even the ones whose babies are the kind with paws.

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