Sunday, May 17

Sunday Confessions: 5-17-15

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I've been watching a rather ridiculous amount of TV lately:
~ Several days ago, when I was feeling under the weather, like I maybe was coming down with some vague form of flu, and also kinda cooped up and depressed, I decided to give Grey's Anatomy a try (after being openly "whatevery" about it since it started) and now I'm kinda hooked. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy chick-lit sometimes and Grey's has become like my chick-lit book fix, except in teleplay format. (I do know a handful of spoilers, but not all, and I'm still enjoying it.)

~ Years ago, my husband got me started watching Melrose Place, (the original series) which was a guilty pleasure for him during its airing (not least because of the whole bod squad thing. After a lengthy break from viewing, we are about 20 episodes from finishing up the whole series. I can't help it: in spite of a few areas of dragging, sagging story-lines, (Lisa Rinna, Rob Estes, I'm looking at you), I have enjoyed all the ridiculous, frothy, nighttime soapy, fun.

This wonderful clip is just the tip of the awesomely bad TV iceberg. Enjoy!

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