Sunday, May 3

Sunday Confessions: 5-3-2015

Sunday Confessions

1.) I am planning to watch The Day After Tomorrow when I finish this post. I don't care that it's widely considered ridiculous, clunky, and poorly acted. Day is just one of those movies that I always end up watching whenever it's on. Of course my favorite part is the first half when the storms are all happening and shit is getting real and movie Dick Cheney is being an asshat.  My favorite characters are the Scottish scientists who are in that isolated research outpost. Plus, tell me this isn't the greatest acting you've ever seen:

Best acting in the whole film.

2.) I have not been logging onto MFP for the past couple for a really good reason: laziness.

3.) I am craving all the junk food. Popcorn, pizza, ice cream, brownies.

4.) You know on Super Mario Bros. Wii (and Wii U, I think?) how if you fail at a level enough times, Luigi will come through and do it for you, and then the game is like, "Now that you know how to get through it, want to try for yourself?" I'm always "Nope - moving on." And that happens with fair frequency. Not particularly good at the video games.

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