Sunday, June 14

Sunday Confessions 6-14-15

The United States of

~ I have been in a really crappy mood for a couple weeks now - lots of things are good, but here's the gist of it: my husband and I are low-income, and our MI Healthy Michigan insurance was cut because we are just above the acceptable income level. However, we cannot afford the Marketplace, so I'm just really pissy about the all bureaucratic nonsense of trying to get medical coverage...especially given that I am battling depression and anxiety, this whole thing is only making the situation worse.

~ I haven't shaved my legs in five days. Whoops.

~ I am getting desperate for hair dye. I keep telling myself to let it grow out, but I don't like the "natural" color anymore...I want more of a nice honey or caramel or latte color and it's more like...beach sand on a grey day color. I also notice a few grey hairs and I admit I'm now at the point in my life where coloring my hair is more of a vanity thing than a "let's make my hair purple with blonde streaks this month!" thing.

~ I keep going back and forth about going for walks outside. Meg over at
Miles From Ordinary does a regular weekly post about her walks/runs and I always feel inspired reading them...and then I go outside and my anxiety and panic kicks in. Maybe someday. 

~ It really means a lot to me that you guys keep posting your confessions and linking up, even when I am am wicked lazy and wait until the afternoon to get my post up. Thanks, guys! 

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