Sunday, June 21

Sunday Confessions 6-21-15

The United States of

- Only just this week I learned how to delete entire albums from my SanDisc player. Prior to that, I had been going in and manually deleting each song one by one. D'oh!

- I truly do not get Snapchat or Kik (I think it is called that?) - I'll stick with my instagram, thanks.

- I get rather annoyed when my computer isn't as fast as I want it to be. Does a page take 32 seconds to load? Too slow!!! It's an age issue; in the world of computers, mine is ancient.

- I'm not hungry, but I really want ice cream.

- Guess what - still haven't shaved my legs yet. Boom.

- I suck at video games, but I love the Lego ones. Lego LotR is my 2nd favorite and Lego Harry Potter is my most ultimate favorite ever. Know what else I love? Cheating. First chance I get, I totally go in and enter the code for invincibility and stud magnet and fall rescue and whatever else strikes my fancy. Say what you will, but Death Eaters can be so annoying.

Also, as per Heather's request, you'll notice that the link-up button is on my sidebar now, just in case that is easier for someone to work with, like if you're linking up and I've already posted something new.

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