Sunday, June 28

Sunday Confessions 6-28-15

The United States of

~ On June 12th, Shawn was smack dab in the middle of a big project, so we didn't get started on Orange is the New Black until a few days ago, so we binged it out and watched five episodes today. Which is why I'm posting this at 1PM instead of 7AM, which I (kinda) try to aim for (and often fail at).

~ I listened to entire "You've Got Time" song on Youtube and truth be told, I just prefer the opening sequence better than the whole song. Commercial.

~ I put off getting the mail for a couple days. It seems like when I am careful to check the mail every day, there are long stretches where nothing comes. So I didn't check Friday or Saturday and today I did and I'm super glad because I got my um..."discount card" from the health clinic I go to. Finally, paperwork is paying off.

~ There used to be a bunch of....well..."special" bees that hung out on my balcony and in the past week they've just randomly disappeared. Maybe they were secret drones collecting information for some sort of experiment or maybe they were bees from space, but whatever they were, I kind of miss them. They stayed on their side of the balcony and it was like having company when I would sit out there reading.

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