Sunday, July 19

Sunday Confessions 7-19-15

United States of Becky

1.) I confess: I forgot it was Sunday until about 20 minutes ago.

2.) I confess: I trimmed my bangs earlier this week and may have went about 2cm too short. Ooops. At least hair grows.

3.) I confess: I signed up for a HuluPlus free trial to see if I'd like it and I'm really not sure if it's worth it. Having only the last five episodes of a current season of something seems annoying, especially since you have to put up with commercials. I guess deep down I'm just a netflix girl.

4.) I confess: I am kinda already looking forward to Halloween. Just need to cool my jets a bit.

5.) I confess: I have been watching reruns of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Don't care that I'm 35 and it's a kid's show. I grew up on it and Salem is my favorite.

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