Friday, July 3

Headache Log App

Headache Log

I love this app. I'm not sure if it's available for iPhone (I have an Android) but it probably is, because let's be honest - iPhone has everything. This particular app is user-friendly and allows me to put in my own additions in each category. For instance, locations: I added "Behind Eye - Right," and "Top of Head" and "Side of Neck - Right". In types of pains, I added "Stabby." And in triggers, I added a whole lot of things, from "Blood Sugar" to "Menstrual" to "Weather" to "Unknown." You can also add your own medications/treatments. There is a place for notes about each headache and you rate the pain level. It's actually quite interesting. You can also edit a headache later on, like if you take more meds or a nap or whatever. It's great. (Obviously I get frequent headaches.)

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