Thursday, July 23

Coffee & Me


I'm not a coffee snob. I drink Folgers. I used to be interested in the idea of getting a Keurig or something along those lines, but they were always too expensive and then I learned about the ridiculous amount of waste they create and I was like "Nope. Not worth it."

I admit, I don't grind my own beans or have any kind of fancy press or anything. It's a good thing, too, because I can barely stand up before I've had coffee, so it's no good for me to have a machine that requires thought or effort.
On any given day, I'll be drinking Folgers from my Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. I like most of Folgers' blends. More often than not, I drink it black. In the summer, I pour it over ice or keep it in the fridge.

I do enjoy specialty coffee shops, but they are more of a treat than anything.
My city only has two Starbucks locations - one in the Target that is decent but the line is always 2000 people long, and one in Meijer - a local supermarket chain - which also always has a line 2000 people long. Unfortunately, these two are not up to par with Starbucks you would find in the city.

Coffee shops in supermarkets are kinda like nail salons and hair salons being in supermarkets. They probably do an okay job, but it still doesn't feel right. (I've never had my nails or hair done in a supermarket salon, so I can't honestly say.) But the Starbucks in the supermarket feels out of place - possibly because the people who run it aren't really like, trained baristas and they still wear the blue shirt and black pants and plastic name tag of a supermarket employee. I feel like maybe they are using store brand coffee grounds and calling it Starbucks. And they just don't do it right. They are half-assing the drinks there. Even though I'm not a coffee snob, I call shenanigans when I pay $5 for a cup of "coffee shop coffee" that isn't quite up to expectation.

So I drink my Folgers drip coffee and if it's a special treat, I go to one of the other coffee shops in town, because at least they know what I'm talking about when I put in my order, and I feel like my $5 is well spent.

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