Tuesday, August 18

Books I Couldn't Finish

The library is the best thing around.
You discover hidden gems you might not have otherwise.
And you don't feel bad when you get a book and it sucks or it's just not your cup o' tea, because - free rental.
I am always checking books out, even when I vow not to do so and to instead work on the unread books at home.
Here are three books I was unable to get into for one reason or another.
But I seriously think some of you guys out there might enjoy some of these, so maybe check 'em out.

1.) The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory by Stacy Wakefield

It just didn't capture my attention. It looked interesting, but as I started reading I found myself with the attitude "don't care."

2.) Eating Chinese Food Naked by Mei Ng

From as far as I read, this was a rich, well-written book. I was liking it. In fact, I plan to return to it one day. For now though, I wasn't emotionally able to get very far: the book deals heavily with mother/daughter relationships, heritage, food, sex, love, the line between adult and child, etc. Basically, if you have a loaded and/or confusing relationship with your mom, this book might be for you - and it might be hard to read, depending.

3.) How Did You Get this Number by Sloane Crosley

I had read Crosley's earlier work, I Was Told There'd be Cake and while I didn't fall in love, it had enjoyable tidbits.
It is problematically put in humor, where there is nothing funny about the tales. The stories feel pretentious and impersonal. There is nothing messy, internal, or reflective. It all smacks of "look how cool I am, I'm part of the hip New York better-than-thou because I went to Lisbon instead of the Bahamas for my vacation." I didn't dig it at all. But someone else might.

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