Monday, August 3

My Name is Becky and I am a Hater (aka The Hiss List)

Let's be honest:
We're all haters.

There seems to be this whole "haters gonna hate" brush-off attitude if someone doesn't like something that is otherwise generally popular. Of course some people are just malcontents who hate everything without reason. But most of us are just humans who have opinions.

It's become like expressing a negative opinion is grounds for immediate dismissal because clearly by disliking something, you are in the wrong.
"I don't like John Mayer."
"What? How can you say that?"
"I think he's stupid and overrated."
Eye roll.  "Whatever. Haters gonna hate."
"Um, yes, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm saying I hate X."

whatever animated GIF

It's perfectly normal and wonderful to hate things. (Yes, in the world of personal self-confidence, you have to be able to like Amber and just say "whatever" and try to shake that shit off. I'm talking about pop-culture, here.)

Sometimes people are just jumping on the bandwagon "What? I think owls and unicorns are awesome, too!" And some people genuinely like the thing.
I still love grumpy cat. It's cool if people are over it or think it's dumb. I'm not gonna be all "haters gonna hate" about it. Because some people will like it and some won't. That is okay and great.

So here's a list of some things and people that are generally popular or well-liked and I just - hate. (Not to be confused with things I don't necessarily hate, but just can't bring myself to care about; that is a whole different list.) 

Becky's Hiss List:
cat animated GIF

Taylor Swift
John Mayer
The VMA's
Actually, All Awards Shows
Bradley Cooper
Reality TV
Yes, ALL reality TV
Duck Dynasty
Seth Rogen
Louis C.K.
Lewis Black
The Patriots, Tom Brady, & Bill Belichick
LeBron James
Too Much Lavender

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