Sunday, August 16

Sunday Confessions 8-16-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I am spending the weekend indoors with the blinds shut and the air conditioning on, drinking iced coffee and watching movies checked out of the library. 
Check out my movie reviews to see what's new in a few days. 

I confess: Since I posted my Hiss List post, I've already thought of a bunch more things that I'm wondering how I left them off. I may have to do another one in the future.

I confess: I have started tackling the (not insubstantial) task of going back through my blog from the very first post up to current and double checking all my links, videos, gifs, labels, and such. I am also removing some of the old ones from when I first started back in 2011, because they are no longer relevant, and I am generally polishing and dusting the whole thing off. - The confession part is I am really enjoying it and having fun with the clean-up. (When I am done, I will likely put the link within widget back in.) 

Finally, I confess: I am a creature of habit. When I do housecleaning, I generally listen to the same music over and over again. Instead of bouncing around on my mp3, it just recently occurred to me to do a "housecleaning playlist" and put that on there. (It's all peppy pop or rock music. Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, Sugarcult, The Killers - stuff you can move to.) 

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