Sunday, August 23

Sunday Confessions 8-23-15

The United States of Becky

I Confess: I am not a patient person. I have several different balls in the air right now and I want results now. I don't want to share too much because I am afraid of jinxing anything, but when things start rolling, I will blog about them.

I Confess: I kinda need some more interesting and fun blogs to read, if anybody has some suggestions. I don't like anything that's too niche. I won't follow blogs that are just about fashion, just about mothering, just about blog design and "building an audience", I won't follow blogs that are just recipes, etc. I like a collection of different things.

I Confess: My therapist has me doing a food journal. Not measuring or anything, - which has been extremely liberating - just noting time and what I eat and how I'm feeling physically and/or emotionally. It has been enlightening. So far I have learned two things:
1.) I do not feel good after eating ice cream. I think I am going to have to lay off of it for quite some time and eventually only eat it in small doses on rare occasions. Virtually every time I eat ice cream, I end up feeling really shitty and bloated and gassy and heartburny afterward.
2.) I think I may have to stop eating chips and dip. Or chips. Those are a food that when I'm eating, I kinda feel out of control and before I know it, I've eaten way more than I ever intended. They are definitely a negative-after-effects food for me.

I Confess: I started watching Gilmore Girls several months ago and kinda lost interest after 7 episodes. Now I'm starting back up again and I'm on the fence on whether it's going to suck me in or it's going to end up on the Shrug List. (Upcoming post right there.) 

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