Sunday, August 9

Sunday Confessions 8-9-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I have been super lazy this week, my motivation to do anything has been all but nonexistent. Primarily because my anxious level has been cranked up all week so mostly I've been battling inside myself. But still. I feel guilty about not getting more accomplished.

I confess: I got Shawn hooked on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and we've been watching that quite a bit. That's not the confession bit. The confession part is that halfway through season 2, and I really want Phryne to stop sleeping around because it almost seems like she's being disloyal to Jack. Which is a pretty unfeminist viewpoint, but there you have it.

I confess: Only just this week I discovered the concept of spearmint tea and decided to try it and now I'm obsessed with it. I am drinking it all the time. It's my new most favorite drink. It goes with (almost) everything. I love it hot, I love it cold. I love it mild, I love it bold. (A bit of rhyme for your Sunday.)

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