Tuesday, August 4

We Had a Storm

This was a pretty special and exceptionally strong storm for Northern Michigan: you see, yes, we have the cold winters, and we get a shit ton of lake effect snow (both holding true more so for those of us directly on the bay) - but that's generally about it.
Because we are surrounded by The Great Lakes, Michigan tends to have very unpredictable, but also not super intense, weather. The Lakes protect us (generally) from tornadoes and hurricanes and such because - science.
So this storm was something beyond for our area.

All these images link to news sites on facebook. I didn't take any of them, don't own any of them, and I did not alter them in any way at all. 

image source

left image
right image

image source

image source

These two my stepmom took.
My stepbrother surveys the damage to his house and backyard.

A silver maple that has been in my dad's back yard since I was a child.

My shitty video of wind and rain when the storm was just starting to come in:

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