Wednesday, September 9

#Hashtag Humpday - Random Things

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Today I'm joining a link-up hosted in part by a blog I follow, Life With Lolo. I've meant to join this link-up for approximately 2000 years and today is the first time I'm getting around to it. 

 - Every time I try to install one of those apps that is supposed to clean up and speed up your phone, THAT'S when my phone suddenly starts slowing down with the constant notifications and bullshit. #stupidphone #stupidapps #justworkalready

- I stopped watching New Girl ages ago. Halfway through season 2, I kept thinking "I do not give a single fuck about Jess and Nick has not shown a single ounce of character growth." The only reason I kept watching as long as I did was Schmidt. That is why I can get behind this link-up, because I love Schmidt. Every other character on that show can fall off the face of the earth. #bitchy #schmidt 

- I've been watching a TON of netflix. I am going through a super netflix phase. Returning to work has drained me physically and there has been more drama than I care for at home, so I have pretty much turned to netflix to escape and tune the world out right now. I'm watching #OnceUponATime, #GilmoreGirls and #AwesomelyBadHorrorMovies

- Finally, I cannot wait for Autumn! All things Autumn! #ScaryMovies #lattes #cardigans #coolerweather #Halloween #pumpkinspiceeverything 

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