Wednesday, September 16

#HashtagHumpday: Misanthropy

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

- I have finally accepted that I'm a bit Wednesday Addams. Not full-on Wednesday Addams. About half. I still do get sucked into singing along with The Little Mermaid, after all. But I'm definitely not about Cinderella and I certainly don't love pink. #ExceptOnElleWoods #ALittleBitWednesday 

- At this point in life, I'd rather stay inside with the curtains drawn and the air conditioning on while I internet/netflix/read - do anything besides sweating my ass off in the sun. #TheBeachIsTooMuchTrouble #AllTheNetflix #WhyPutOnABraAndGoOutsideIfYouDon'tHaveTo

- When I googled images of Wednesday Addams, I ended up stumbling onto a fair amount of "Sexy Wednesday Addams" costumes and I want to vomit on them and light them on fire. First, because Wednesday Addams is generally recognized as a young girl and secondly, because I have a difficult time believing the actual Wednesday Addams would approve. Even if she grew up to be all sexy and sensual like Morticia, my hypothesis is that she wouldn't do it in a mini skirt and thigh-highs. Just sayin'. #HeresTheMisanthropeInMe #WednesdayAddamsIsNotAboutSex #AntiSexifyingEverythingForHalloweenCostumes #ImagineASexyPugsleyAddamsCostumeOnAGuy


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