Sunday, September 6

Sunday Confessions 9-6-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I am actually considering buying a nightgown. Well, a nightshirt/nightgown hybrid. I am NOT that girl. But. It is purple and has a print of black cats dressed up in 3 different Halloween costumes: pumpkin, witch, and mummy. So yeah. I'm tempted. Because Halloween & cats.

I confess: Returning to work has kicked my ass. Or, more accurately, my feet. My feet and legs are sore as hell now that I'm back to standing behind a register for 8 hours a day. Suddenly every day is leg day.

I confess: There are currently no less than four empty boxes of various sizes and two large paper bags on my living room floor - all because we like to indulge our cats. 

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